Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

The Monitor

The TeleSense recorder is a 3-lead, self-contained event recorder. Operating on a single lithium battery pack, the device has auto-trigger, patient-activation, and live streaming capabilities. A WiFi puck device is sent with the monitor and allows for immediate data transmission when kept with the monitor. Data is transmitted wirelessly to First-Call Medical’s 24-hour Receiving Center.

How are ECGs recorded?

  1. The patient can record any symptom by pressing the Event button. The recorded event is then sent wirelessly via the MiFi-WiFi puck device to our Receiving Center. The patient can call the Center to relay their exact symptom. Cardiac technicians are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.
  2. The recorder can auto-trigger according to parameters established before shipment. The auto-triggered events are bradycardia, tachycardia, pause and atrial fibrillation . Once the recorder auto-triggers, the ECG is then sent wirelessly via the MiFi-WiFi puck device to our Receiving Center.
  3. FCM technicians can also record a live streamed event by wirelessly contacting the recorder, recording an ECG, and then sending the recorded ECG via the MiFi-WiFi puck device to our Receiving Center.

If FCM technicians need to contact a patient for any reason, we will send a text message to the recorder or we will call the patient.

Ordering Process
First-Call Medical offers two service formats that can be customized to your office’s specific needs.

Our Home-Enrollment program is our most popular service and only requires one form from your office. To enroll a patient with this service, please click on our Patient Enrollment Form. Once finished, click SEND NOW and the order is sent to our office electronically and securely. First-Call Medical will verify insurance, contact the patient and send a monitor directly to their home or office. Most orders are processed within an hour and monitors arrive at the patient’s home within two business days.

The other service we offer is the In-Office Hookup Service which allows you to provide your patients with cardiac monitors during their appointments. First-Call Medical equipment will be left at your facility and staff will be trained on how to apply the equipment as needed. The monitors are offered at no charge to your facility.

Daily Reports are created for each day the patient wears the monitor. Also, a second STAT report will be produced if a patient breaches our verbal protocol and the STAT report will be sent to your office at the time we notify the doctor. Finally, an End Of Service report will be created when the monitor is returned to FCM or to your office.

We offer a secure website for report access, 24 hours a day. The website is: Physicians can review and print a patient file from any internet connection. The files are editable (ordering physicians can enter their interpretations online) and can be saved to your personal computer or network.

Fee for Service and Insurance billing programs are available. If you have a question with regard to a patient’s insurance, please call our billing department and we will perform a quick authorization check. There are no other hidden fees or charges.

Here is your Billing Code: 93228 Wearable mobile cardiovascular telemetry with electrocardiographic recording, concurrent computerized real time data analysis and greater than 24 hours of accessible ECG data storage (retrievable with query) with ECG triggered and patient selected events transmitted to a remote attended surveillance center for up to 30 days; physician review and interpretation with report