Patients wirelessly transmit EKG data to our Receiving Center 24-hours a day. Follow your patients in their ambulatory environment for up to 30 days. Patient compliance is outstanding with this wireless technology.

Patients wirelessly record and transmit symptomatic EKG 24-hours a day. The wireless monitors also auto-trigger if certain pre-programmed thresholds are met. We also offer looping and non-looping cardiac event monitors. Patient call a toll-free phone number to transmit their EKG and certified cardiac technicians await their call.

Our ABPM Service is contracted with many of the leading renal transplant centers throughout the United States. Our portable Spacelabs monitors periodically record a patient’s blood pressure for 24 hours. We send an e-mail alert to you when reports are ready for your review on our website.

We offer Philips Zymed Digitrak XT Holter Monitors. Patients wear a 24-hour Holter and return their monitor to your facility. You then transmit the Holter file via Philips Software and a docking station. The files are encrypted and the process takes then 4 minutes! We offer same-day report turnaround time.

First-Call Medical is an IDTF (Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility) specializing in telemedicine heart monitoring services such as Mobile Cardiac Telemetry, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, Cardiac Event Monitoring, and Digital Holter Monitoring. Founded in 1989, we service physicians and hospitals throughout the United States.


We have a variety of videos showing our monitoring systems and how they work.

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