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Case Study Eight

The Background A 43 year-old male was recently given a King of Hearts Express transmitter with a setting of 45 seconds pre-symptom and 15 seconds post-symptom memory. The diagnosis for the patient was paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia. On occasion, the patient complained of occasional rapid heart beat in the chest.

The Symptoms May 9: Baseline tracing, Sinus arrhythmia with rates from 75 - 94 bpm.

First-Call Medical, Inc.

May 9: While at work, the patient records a symptom of a series of "quick beats".
The strip shows a sinus arrhythmia with rates from 72 - 88 bpm changing to a 4-beat run of V-Tach converting to SVT, reaching a maximum rate of 188 bpla ending with a 4-beat run of V-Tach. Cannot rule out aberrant SVT. The strip converts back to sinus arrhythmia with rates from 54 - 79 bpm.

First-Call Medical, Inc.


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