First-Call Medical, Nationwide 24-Hour Holter, Event, Pacemaker & Blood Pressure Monitoring

Case Study Four

The Background A 60 year old man was given a CardioMemo event recorder to evaluate intermittent chest tightness.

The Symptoms Jan. 25: Patient transmits Baseline tracing. Sinus rhythm with multifocal PVC's in bigeminy form.

First-Call Medical, Inc.

Feb. 7: Patient transmits an EKG from a recorded tracing of "chest tightness". Sustained ventricular tachycardia at a rate of 130 bpm.

First-Call Medical, Inc.

Feb. 7: A subsequent follow-up strip for the doctor was performed. Ventricular bigeminy.

First-Call Medical, Inc.

The Results FCM notifies the ordering physician via fax and phone report. The patient's "true symptoms" were recorded, diagnosed, and treated.


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