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Case Study Three

The Background A 65 year woman visits her physician with complaints of lightheadedness, dizzy spells, and syncope. In order to more accurately assess the patient's condition outside of the hospital or office environment, the patient's physician orders the King of Hearts Express cardiac event monitor with looping memory, ideal for pre-symptom recording.

The Symptoms Oct 2: Patient calls in a Baseline EKG transmission with the King of Hearts Express transmitter from doctor's office. The EKG strip shows sinus arrhythmia with rates from 83 - 100 bpm.

First-Call Medical, Inc.

Oct 8: Patient calls in a symptom of dizziness, "out of it", heavy coughing. The EKG strip shows a rate that started at 75 bpm slowing to a rate of 29 bpm before going into a 30 second pause converting to sinus arrhythmia with rates up to 115 bpm.

First-Call Medical, Inc.

Oct 8: An immediate follow-up strip taken ten minutes later reveals an EKG with sinus arrhythmia with rates from 76 to 94 bpm.

First-Call Medical, Inc.

The Results The patient's "true symptoms" were recorded, diagnosed, and treated. The patient was sent to the hospital with an FCM transtelephonic EKG awaiting her arrival.


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