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Case Study Two

The Background Recently, a 13 year old girl visited her physician with complaints of a rapid heart beat and dizziness while at school. After several in-office EKG's revealed no rhythm disturbances, the patient's pediatrician ordered the CardioMemo cardiac event monitor. The Symptoms Nov 19: Baseline transmission exhibited sinus arrhythmia with rates from 85 - 96 bpm.
First-Call Medical, Inc.


Nov 21: While at school, patient calls in with a rapid heartbeat, nausea, and weakness. The EKG showed a supraventricular tachycardia with a rate of 230 bpm.

First-Call Medical, Inc.


Results FCM notifies the ordering physician via fax and phone report. The patient was sent immediately to the Emergency Room, a full copy of the report ready in advance via fax.

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