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Case Study Seven

The Background A 40 year-old male was recently given a King of Heart Express monitor to record syncopal episodes during the day.

The Symptoms March 14: Baseline EKG exhibits sinus arrhythmia with rates from 50 - 68 bpm.

First-Call Medical, Inc.

March 30: Patient activates the King of Hearts Express to record a symptom of palpitations. EKG shows sinus arrhythmia with rates from 63 - 100 bpm. SVE's noted including couplets and 3-beat episodes of SVT.

First-Call Medical, Inc.

April 1: 4/l/96 Patient records a symptom of "blacking out". EKG shows sinus arrhythmia with rates from 52 - 91 bpm. There were 6 pauses, the longest R-R was 6 seconds.

First-Call Medical, Inc.

The Results FCM notifies the ordering physician via fax and phone report. The patient's "true symptoms" were recorded, diagnosed, and treated.


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